Free Ebook Mikrotik Buying Guide

In general there are two types of mikrotik on the market, namely in the form Routerboard and in good form in the DOM or license that must be installed into a PC hard drive, in this case we split it easy let alone the RouterBOARD and DOM.

When should we choose Routerboard and when to choose the DOM?

The answer can be found through the ebook that we provide to you for free. Please download the Ebook.

Please download it here | Download Free

In this Ebook you will get the explanations and answers to the questions, concerning:

  • When should we choose Routerbord and when to choose the DOM?
  • In network conditions such as what we can use the RB750?
  • What is crucial to consider in choosing Routerboard loadbalancing?
  • What steps are very important for you to think about before buying a product Mikrotik?
  • 10 lists that help you choose Mikrotik Products Efficient, Affordable and Appropriate
  • How to read Naming RouterBOARD are sometimes confusing?
  • A full description of determining Mikrotik Products are suitable for your purposes, such products are suitable for Warnet, Office, HotSpot, RT / RW Net, WISP and ISP
  • And much more.

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